Welcome to Pacific Exchange Co. Ltd

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Pacific Exchange Co.  was started in Hong Kong and has been operating since 1992, becoming a limited company as of 2015. We provide premier money exchange and remittance services with amazing value. From the opening of our outlet on the first floor over 20 years ago, we have grown to fulfill the increasing needs of our customers and the market. We started trading with only a hand full of currencies and we now trade in over 40, with strong connections to banks and monetary institutions worldwide. In 2009 we opened a back office and updated both locations with state of the art technology and infrastructure, thereby not only increasing our ability to detect fake notes, but also increasing our accuracy and efficiency in general. Improvements are always on going as we have grown to become a dynamic company that adapts and stays ahead of the market.

Please take some time and view our daily updated online exchange rates if you require any rate information (only use for indication purposes as rates fluctuate by the minute). If you would like to know some tips and tricks about exchanging money and information on the industry in general, you are more than welcome to read our blog (any views and opinions stated on the blog are views of the blogger and not the company). If you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact us.

E-mail Address Identity Theft

One of our client’s e-mail account got hacked and our e-mail address identity and signature has been stolen. If you receive an e-mail from us but were not expecting anything, please ignore it and do not open any attachments. If unsure contact us directly.