10 things not to do at a money exchange

Not Allowed

  1. Give notes that are wet – Best to provide notes in good condition. This speeds up the transaction and makes life easier for everyone
  1. Give notes with staples in it – Counting money should not be dangerous or life threatening

  1. Ask “which currency should I invest in?” – Best to ask an investment professional
  1. Ask “Will the rate go up or down?”- It’s anyone’s guess
  1. Ask “How do you catch a fake note”? – With many years of counting notes, one will eventually be able to catch a fake. Its less taught and more learned on the job
  1. Aggressively bargain when exchanging a very small amount – Why raise blood pressures to save a couple of cents?
  1. Exchange a fake note – Trying to convince money exchanges that a counterfeit note is genuine is not a good idea. With years of experience one will definitely be able to spot a fake
  1. Comparing Money Exchange rates to inter-bank rates – Inter-bank rates are rates that are only available between banks that trade with each other in large volumes. Banks themselves do not offer these rates to regular consumers
  1. Talking on the phone when dealing with a money exchange – Professionalism is key, full focus on the task at hand decreases the likelihood of mistakes
  1. Licking fingers when counting notes – Although business is always appreciated, hygiene is paramount

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