• The Beginning of Anti-Money Laundering Compliance in Hong Kong

    To get a brief background on this topic, please see the video above that we used when we were invited as a guest speaker at an Anti-Money Laundering (AML) seminar for Money Service Operators (MSOs). [Read More…]

  • India mean business; INR 1000 and 500 notes void

    What to do with INR1000 and INR500 notes

    Indian 1000 and 500 rupee notes will be withdrawn overnight as India turns up the heat in its attempt to rein in ‘black money’. It is a very bold move that has taken the market by surprise but considering Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s party promise of flushing black money out of the system in 2014, it starts making sense, especially with critics pointing fingers. [Read More…]

  • Catching Fake Notes; Man vs. Machine


    Business Man VS.          Machine

    Ever wondered which is better? Let me look into this issue for you and tell you what we come up with. Lets start by listing the advantages and disadvantages of ‘Man’: [Read More…]

  • e-Cheques; the end of paper cheques?

    Black Cheque

    From the beginning of December 2015 the Hong Kong government launched e-cheque payments by accepting settlement for government bills. The ‘Pay e-Cheque portal’ includes general demand notes, tax demand notes, business registration fees, tax reserve certificates andfacilities payments to many banks.  [Read More…]

  • 10 things not to do at a money exchange

    Not Allowed

    1. Give notes that are wet – Best to provide notes in good condition. This speeds up the transaction and makes life easier for everyone
    1. Give notes with staples in it – Counting money should not be dangerous or life threatening

    [Read More…]

  • Withdrawal of pre-2005 INR bank notes

    INR 500 pre-2005

    INR 500 pre-2005

    INR 500 post 2005

    INR 500 post 2005

    The market has reacted heavily to the news from the reserve bank of India (RBI) about the withdrawal of all pre-2005 bank notes in circulation after March 31st, 2014. The media has been saying this is an attempt to flush out black money in the system as well as the fake notes. It is our understanding the main reason is simply to phase out old notes, something the RBI has been doing secretly in the past. [Read More…]

  • Withdrawal of 50 Pound Houblon Note

    Houblon 50 Pound FrontHoublon 50 Pound Front

    From the 30th of April 2014 the 50 pound banknote carrying Sir John Houblon will be officially withdrawn from circulation in the UK. As a result we will be offering a lower rate for this note starting in March. We recommend you offload these notes as soon as possible (unless you want to collect them). [Read More…]

  • Caritas-HK Computer Workshop

    Computer Problem

    Have you ever had a printer break down and find out it costs more to fix it than buy a new one? A hard drive fails with sensitive data that you couldn’t erase and had no choice but to destroy it and throw it away? Ink cartridges that are empty? We struggle with these issues every day, and businesses go through their electronics and related items faster than households. [Read More…]

  • Counterfeit HKD 1000 bank notes

    HKD Fake Notes

    There has been a recent scare amongst the public regarding counterfeit HKD bank notes. As a result the market is currently short of HKD500 bills as demand for the HKD1000 bills drop. In light of this knee jerk reaction, please refrain from panic as only BOC (bank of China) and HSBC 2003 series notes are affected, and although it looks like the counterfeiters have done a decent job in copying the face design of the note, the rest of the fake note can be found wanting. [Read More…]

  • Hacking of web based e-mail accounts


    In the past year two of our customer’s yahoo mail have been hacked and false payment e-mails sent to us. These hackers even knew personal details of one of our customers that he used for verification purposes. To combat the rise of e-mail hacking, we recommend businesses: [Read More…]