Catching Fake Notes; Man vs. Machine


Business Man VS.          Machine

Ever wondered which is better? Let me look into this issue for you and tell you what we come up with. Lets start by listing the advantages and disadvantages of ‘Man’:

Advantages Disadvantages
– Can take more factors into account (for example, texture of the paper)

– Can work when there is a power outage

– When new fakes are released they do not need a system upgrade to catch them (but may take time and knowledge to adapt)

– An experienced person can catch fakes better than the best machines

– Can loose focus

– Can get tired

– More likely to make mistakes (due to factors like those stated above)

– Need washroom breaks and holidays

– Slower than machines

Following are the advantages and disadvantages of Machines:

Advantages Disadvantages
– Can detect fakes and count number of notes at a very fast speed

– Can be very accurate (but this depends on many factors such as quality, age, upkeep, and upgradability of the machine)

– Does not need washroom breaks or holidays

– Less likely to make mistakes when catching fake notes

– Bank grade machines do not make mistakes

– Some machines can be set to sort notes ‘face up’ and/or detect notes that have tape so they can be removed (good function to have when selling notes to customers with these requirements or simply to impress customers)

– Cost and maintenance of the best machines can be quite expensive

– If there is a power outage, the machine becomes an expensive paper-weight

– Needs an upgrade when new notes are released (be it software, hardware, or a new machine altogether)

– New fakes might be able to pass undetected unless the machine is ‘bank-grade’ and/or is updated (be it software, hardware, or a new machine altogether)

– Usually machines have a lifespan of about 7-10 years (depending on usage, quality, and maintenance) after which they depreciate exponentially

– Even if they catch a suspected fake, it needs to be verified by a person in case it is a ‘false-positive’ (aka a mistake)

We adopt machines because of its advantage of speed and accuracy. All machines (even bank grade machines) will make a mistake and suspect a genuine note of being a fake. So unless there is an an experienced person who can tell the difference between a fake and a genuine note to operate the machine, the machine becomes redundant with regard to catching fakes.

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