• Catching Fake Notes; Man vs. Machine


    Business Man VS.          Machine

    Ever wondered which is better? Let me look into this issue for you and tell you what we come up with. Lets start by listing the advantages and disadvantages of ‘Man’: [Read More…]

  • Counterfeit HKD 1000 bank notes

    HKD Fake Notes

    There has been a recent scare amongst the public regarding counterfeit HKD bank notes. As a result the market is currently short of HKD500 bills as demand for the HKD1000 bills drop. In light of this knee jerk reaction, please refrain from panic as only BOC (bank of China) and HSBC 2003 series notes are affected, and although it looks like the counterfeiters have done a decent job in copying the face design of the note, the rest of the fake note can be found wanting. [Read More…]