Hacking of web based e-mail accounts


In the past year two of our customer’s yahoo mail have been hacked and false payment e-mails sent to us. These hackers even knew personal details of one of our customers that he used for verification purposes. To combat the rise of e-mail hacking, we recommend businesses:

1. Get a strong anti-virus program, scan, and update regularity. We recommend Kaspersky
2. Do not use yahoo mail, we recommend G-mail
– If you use G-mail, turn on 2 factor authentication in settings
3. Change your password every couple of weeks
4. Do not use your e-mail account outside your office computer
5. Do not use your e-mail account on your mobile
6. Do not use unsecured wifi networks
7. Be careful who you trust your password and personal details with
8. As soon as you know your e-mail account has been hacked, inform everyone on your contact list and shut down the account as soon as possible. DO NOT CONTINUE TO USE AN E-MAIL ACCOUNT THAT HAS BEEN HACKED
9. Follow up your e-mail payment instructions with SMS messages from a specified phone number

Please note any losses from any business whose e-mail account has been hacked and who have not followed the above protocols only have themselves to blame and should take the above issue seriously and act ASAP.

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